About RTG


It all started when…

The vision for Raising Teen Girls came together after seeing a need for families to have help and support during such an awesome but difficult life stage for their daughters.

Katie McNichol M.S.; LMHC founder and director wanted to develop a network of therapists who specialize in the unique needs of teen girls and young women.  These experts would support girls through the teen years, helping them thrive, not just survive. She also saw the need for more education on how to help families better understand their daughters by providing coaching support and content through a variety of RTG online resources.

The teen years are full of pressure and emotions that girls and their families are often not ready to handle so we wanted to create a place that girls could explore themselves and learn skills to help them manage stress, relationships and fears about the future.

RTG therapists help educate client’s and their families about the mental health and wellness of teen girls. Through a variety of resources, we desire to connect and walk along side your family during this time.

RTG's core values include:

  • COMMUNITY - create a sense of community for both girls and their families, especially moms

  • KNOWLEDGE - increase emotional intelligence through education and self-awareness

  • HOPE - no matter what you are facing you are not alone and it does get better

We exist to provide our clients with exceptional service, the latest treatments and an experience like none other when it comes to mental health and wellness.  Our holistic approach considers all aspects of our client's life and helps create a plan to reach their goals.