Raising a teen girl is... easy?

Most likely if you are reading this you have a teen girl in your life or have one on the way.  These years can be incredibly challenging and also some of the best.  No... I am really being serious... the best!!! :) 

I have worked with 100's and 100's of teen girls over the years and I began to notice several themes and common problems. There are definitely a lot of communication issues with adults, each other, parents, but especially mom.  Some issues run very deep but often many of them are resolvable with the right help and know-how.

As I began to think about how to better serve the families I work with, it became clear to me that developing a true community of support, resources and encouragement was the next step.  There is only so much I can do in an individual setting but as a collective group we can truly build each other up, offering help and expertise.  

My heart is to encourage parents during the teen years by offering hope and helpful insight into the minds and lives of teen girls.  I believe these years can thrive, not just simply survive!

Think of RTG as a bridge connecting daughter and parent during a time that distance often rules.  Raising teen girls is an adventure.  It's a journey often filled with rough terrain and can be difficult to navigate.  With the right preparation, tools and guidance the trek can be exciting, fun and smoother then you think.

I look forward to being on this journey with you!!!  Make sure you connect with us on Facebook.  This will be a hub of activity and information.