Helping you, Help her


“I feel like I have no idea what I am doing”

"This is REALLY hard"

"I don't understand her at all"

"What is she thinking?!"

"What am I doing wrong?"


The community of RTG is designed to help us learn more about this journey of raising teen girls as well as ourselves.  With knowledge comes power… power to effect change and growth.


In the counseling world, often the first step to making any changes is to gain more insight.  We have to investigate the different factors and consider various angles of the situation to figure out how to proceed with making any changes.

 One of the primary functions of RTG is to provide those needing help in raising teen girls a place to find new insights, perspectives, considerations, research and practical tools to positively impact your relationship.

 We are committed to staying current with the knowledge provided by experts in the realm of raising teen girls. We look to connect with contributors across the U.S. who have a passion for helping others and seeing the teen years thrive for both girls and their families.

Our core value of knowledge is the heart of RTG. 

We want to be your "go-to" for help and learning new and better ways to deal with the mental, physical and spiritual health of teen girls.

What do you need help with in raising your teen girl?

Tell us the topics, questions, insights or concerns you have about raising her.  Chances are if you have the question, so do 1000's of other caregivers.

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