Raising Teen Girls
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Group work can be a very effective form of treatment for mental health and wellness.  There are often new ways of learning and understanding that come out of groups that can't be achieved on an individual basis. Groups are cost-effective and teach many helpful, practical skills to improve well-being.  Although it might be scary to think about a group, often we hear that girls love it and look forward to the social support it brings.

We offer weekly on-going groups for Middle School, High School and College.  These groups focus on dealing with anxiety, depression and stress.  Our groups are never more the 8 girls and we require an initial individual session with a therapist prior to joining a group to make sure we find the group that will work best for you.

At times we provide seminars and short-term groups specific to a particular topic.


Group Schedule

April 2018

  • April 9th 6:30pm - 8pm - Essential Oils and Mental Health/Emotions (we will discuss how teen girls can use essential oils to improve their mood and help regulate emotions)