Raising Teen Girls
Girls with dreams becoming women of vision...

Raising Teen Girls

A resource for families offering help and support in raising teen girls.  Powerful insights into the lives and minds of teen girls.  What they need and how you can help. Developed by a professional therapist who specializes in the mental health and well-being of teen girls.

Insight into the lives & minds of teen girls. 

What they need and how you can help.

Raising Teen Girls is a resource for parents wanting the latest information and tools to help improve communication and building a better relationship with your teen.  Connect with us through the blog and Facebook page.


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How RTG can help...

We believe family matters and that teen girls need adults during this critical time of development.  RTG is the place for you to learn new, helpful ways to engage your daughter. We provide you the support, resources, classes and coaching to bring deeper connection.

COMMUNITY - you are not alone!  Connect with us, especially on Facebook.  We post helpful articles, research and words of encourgament.

KNOWLEDGE - check out our weekly blog updates and social media for the latest insights and help.  RTG Learn will provide more in-depth coaching about specific topics and age groups.

HOPE - encouragement for when it gets tough.  You are not alone!