Kimber is passionate about helping teenage girls feel known, feel that they are welcome, that they belong, and that they have a purpose and place in the world.  As an intern, graduating soon with her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Heath Counseling, she is interested in family relationships, specifically mothers and daughters and empowering teen girls by working together in group. The daily challenge of being a teenage girl in this world can be a difficult one and Kimber is passionate about making this challenge easier, worthwhile, and fun!

Kimber has worked in youth ministry for years and led groups of girls in both middle and high school.  She truly understands the challenges girls are facing today.  She has a love for reading and riding horses.  When not at Raising Teen Girls you might run into her at the Balance Culture as her passion for wellness is lived out in her own life. 

To set up an appointment with Kimber please call 863-269-7600 x803