Middle School Girls Individual

Our therapists know all the ups and downs of middle school.  We work with girls during this time to help them get through these years with more success.  We help develop their emotional intelligence improving their relationships with themselves, their families and their friends.  We help with a variety of issues specific to middle school and educate families on what to expect during these turbulent years.

Phone: 863-269-7600

Fee: Varies per professional & their experience.  Call for more info.

It turns out middle schoolers do want to be understood. But they don’t have any better idea than their parents do about what’s going on with their bodies, their emotions, or pretty much anything else in this stage of their lives. These are critical years; teens who don’t have good relationships with their parents during middle school are going to have a very tough time in high school, when it’s almost too late to establish the trust and rapport necessary to stay connected.
— Middle School: The inside story