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Moms of Teen Girls

Moms of Teen Girls


Our Moms of Teen Girls groups are one of the exclusive services RTG offers.  Groups are small and meet for 6 weeks.  They are open to any mom of a teen girl who is looking for additional support and guidance.

The RTG process is unique and we encourage all moms to participate in one of our groups. 

It provides several practical tools for improving communication and building a stronger relationship with your daughter.  The teen years can be very difficult to manage and RTG gives you helpful ways to make the journey less difficult.  Attending a group greatly enhances the therapy process.

We also provide additional on-going group support for moms who want to continue.  The team provides valuable insights we learn from working with girls everyday.

Why consider a group?

  • provides support
  • current research and resources
  • cost-effective
  • learn you are not alone
  • recognize what is typical teen girl behavior
  • build communication skills
  • learn effective discipline
  • keep up with technology
  • teen culture



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