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Moms of Teen Girls Seminar

Raising a teen girl can be both rewarding and make you want to pull all your hair out.  The culture today is changing quickly and technology is a game-changer.  It can be tough to keep up with it as a parent.  Our seminars are designed to

  • discuss the current culture
  • set realistic expectations
  • ways to communicate more effectively 

All while keeping in mind how she uses and is affected by technology.  Our team of experts meet with girls everyday and we discover how their world works and what they think about it.  Our seminars give you valuable insight and help so that you can guide and help her on this journey.

One of the biggest benefits to our seminars is that you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get answers from our experts!

Upcoming Seminars

South Tampa

Tuesday September 18th 6-8pm - location TBD.       Fee: $30