Moms of Teen Girls is one of the exclusive services RTG offers. There is a ton of support when your daughter is young, especially in the preschool years but the help starts to become less and less as she ages.  

We recognize that the teen years are actually one of the most difficult times for girls and their families.  So many changes and information to keep up with.  her desire to be independent and your desire to keep her safe often collide and it can be overwhelming.

Moms of Teen Girls provides a variety of ways to connect with other moms either through a group, class, seminar or retreat.  You get access to professionals who are working with girls and can educate you on what matters most during these years.

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Why consider Moms of Teen Girls?

  • provides support

  • current research and resources

  • cost-effective

  • learn you are not alone

  • recognize what is typical teen girl behavior

  • build communication skills

  • learn effective discipline

  • keep up with technology

  • teen culture