So often we hear parents say "no one prepared me for how hard the teen years would be in raising my daughter."  Parenting during the teen years must look very different then when she was younger or you will run into significant conflict and difficulties.  The emotional development alone is like walking through a mine field. 

We find that parents feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to handle the realities that teen girls are facing today.  Her generation is significantly different in terms of culture and influence due to ever-changing technology and pressures to grow-up.  The social dynamics have changed and the competitiveness in athletics, academics and college preparation is almost unattainable. 

We believe that you should not face this time alone and that enlisting the help of others is critical to maintaining a relationship with her.  It is natural for her to pull away but having other adults in her life and yours that can help elevate some of the pressure will ensure that your relationship with her grows.

RTG offers a variety of coaching opportunities for parents.  It's impossible to keep up with all that she is facing.  We deal with it all day and we know exactly what is happening in her mind and in her life when she is away from you.  Our experts understand the culture and we take all of the insights we learn in our time with teen girls and share with you what really matters and what will improve the communication at home.


We provide consultations & coaching with parents to discuss what is happening with their daughters, offering advice and guidance on how to handle certain situations.  Often their daughters are not our clients and parents will meet with us as needed.


Groups might seem scary at first but we have had great success in working with Moms of Teen Girls in small group settings.  These coaching groups provide moms a place to talk about current issues their daughters are facing and get answers to many of the questions they have about any and all things related to teen girls - dating, technology, mean girls, fashion, mental health, chronic illness, etc... We talk about all of it!

Here is what you can expect to get out of group:

  • Communication skills - specific ways to talk with her that really work
  • Reduce your parenting anxiety - learn what is typical teen girl behavior and what isn't
  • Current hot topics - what's happening in the culture and community
  • Safety concerns - what should you be concerned about with her behavior and how to make sure she stays safe
  • Discipline and setting limits - what is appropriate and effective at this age
  • You are not alone - most other moms of teen girls are dealing with similar problems and have great ideas on what works
  • Access to professionals - get your questions answered
  • Resources - books, videos, Apps, local professionals, etc...