Raising Teen Girls
Girls with dreams becoming women of vision...


Bridging teen daughters and their families

Our mission is to encourage and equip parents during the teen years by offering hope and helpful insights into the minds and lives of teen girls.

Raising teen girls is an adventure!  It's filled with rough terrain, twists, turns, water hazzards and a variety of other obstacles.  Like any other life adventure, the more you are prepared, supported and advised the better.  With the right equipment and tools you can learn to navigate the trek with greater ease.

Katie McNichol M.S.; LMHC has spent 1000's of clinical hours working with girls in her private counseling practice.  During this time several themes and common problems have surfaced.  She saw a need for the families of current clients to have a resource that would give them access to helpful information and tools to supplement treatment.

“Teen girls are often misunderstood and due to this incredible time of development are confused, overwhelmed, stressed and in need of appropriate support and guidance. The girls I have had the privilege of getting to know over the years have provided me with invaluable insight into the type of help and support they are seeking.”

How do we do this?

RTG recognizes the need for community and support during the teen years.  It's too hard to do this alone.  By joining us on this journey you will find a community of parents looking to help each other and improve the relationship with their daughter.

The heart of RTG is knowledge.  The blog and Facebook community will offer a wealth of content regarding the minds and lives of teen girls.  Stay connected and you will learn about the latest research and helpful tools to manage expectations and increase your confidence.

RTG Learn will provide high-quality classes and groups to get your questions answered.  We recognize there is a need for more then just a quick read.  There are real issues that you need help with.  RTG Learn will provide a place to increase your skills, improve communication and ultimately build a better relationship with your daughter.

Raising teen girls is emotional.  Fear, worry, distress can easily reign.  RTG offers hope.  Hope that the teen years don't have to be about survival.  You can actually thrive with the right help and know-how.

We look forward to helping guide you on this journey, bridging the gap that often creates distance and difficulty during the teen years.