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Raising Middle School

101 - Raising Middle School

Early adolescence (10-13) is mostly played out in the middle school years.  This incredible time of change is often a major source of frustration and conflict for girls and their families.

Unrealistic expectations are often a root cause of stress and chaos.  You still see her as 7 yrs old and she sees herself as 25.   Emotions run high during this time.

We have found that with a little help in understanding what is realistic and how to manage expectations, this time can and will run a lot smoother, making it favorable for both of you.

The benefits of this 4 week series...

  • learn what is normal vs. not normal for middle school
  • important emotional and brain development
  • what to expect in her behavior, emotions and relationships
  • get your pressing questions answered
  • practical ideas on how to build your relationship with her
  • connection to other moms going through it
  • learn from a professional and other moms
  • anxiety relief for yourself

Who should take this?  This is an excellent 4 week series for moms who have daughters in middle school or daughters who are about to become a middle schooler.

What can I expect in each class?

  • a small group setting - no more then 8 moms
  • convenient 1 hour sessions
  • Lots of insight and education
  • practical examples
  • Q&A time
  • handouts and materials to read