Raising Teen Girls
Girls with dreams becoming women of vision...

Raising Teen Girls

Middle School, High School & College Girls

We bridge families Raising Teen Girls by providing a variety of mental health and wellness services to improve communication and build relationships.


Meet our Therapists

RTG is facilitated by professional therapists who specialize in the unique mental health needs of teen girls and their families.  Our therapists use a coaching approach in working with girls to help them get unstuck, and move forward.

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Katie McNichol M.S.; LMHC

Katie has 10 years of experience working exclusively with teen girls and young women.  She helps girls understand their emotions, thoughts and self to improve their overall relationships and function in academics, social, family, athletics and more.

Areas of specialty support include eating disorders, anxiety, depression, ADHD, perfectionism, OCD, emotional sensitivity, college/career planning, divorce and stress management.

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Anastasia Brokas M.S.; RMFT

Anastasia has a passion to see girls grow into who they were created to be.  She helps girls move from hopeless to passionate about life and where they are headed.  From academics, relationships, athletics, family and more she supports change.

Areas of specialty support include athletes, adoption, anxiety, depression, dating relationships, stress management, perfectionism and grief.

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