Raising Teen Girls
Girls with dreams becoming women of vision...

Mom Coaching Groups

Small, coaching oriented classes for moms who are raising teen girls that cover a variety of mental health and well-being topics.

Mom Coaching Groups

Too often moms are left to figure out the teen years with little help and support.  RTG Learn offers monthly groups to help you on this journey. 

Every group session is unique.  It's a place to come and discuss many of the common problems parents are facing in raising teen girls.  Facilitated by a professional counselor we cover topics such as

  • conflict resolution
  • communication
  • academic problems
  • friendships
  • dating
  • social media
  • emotions
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress

These are just some of the hot topics.  It's a place to get questions answered and find help in dealing with so many of the common issues teen girls are facing in this culture.

Group is available to moms of teen girls at any age.  There is so much wisdom in these groups that you will learn from those who are further along the journey. 

Group Options

2nd & 4th Monday every month from 1pm-2pm

1st & 3rd Thursday every month from 12pm-1pm

There are 8 seats available per session.  Cost is $40/session

Sessions are offered through the Center for Living Well.