RTG Learn

Knowledge is a core value at Raising Teen Girls.  We partner with parents and girls to offer a variety of classes and seminars hosted on-line and in person.  

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better
— Maya Angelou

moms of teen girls - weekly session

The teen years are all about growth and development so how you interact with her, discipline her and communicate with her will be different and it changes every year.  In this class we discuss the best ways to communicate with her and how to do it more effectively.  There are changes under the surface happening that if you don't understand will dramatically effect how your relationship with her grows. RTG offers a weekly session for moms to discuss ways to improve communication and build your relationship.

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coffee with a counselor

Once a month RTG offers a Saturday morning session for parents to come and discuss questions and topics related to raising a teen girl.


moms of teen girls - seminar

She is growing up... attitudes, emotions, dating, friends, academics... she is also facing a lot of pressure.  How can you help her?  How can you keep her safe yet still let her grow-up?  In this seminar we talk through realistic expectations and ways to help her all with an emphasis on technology.  Technology is now a part of her everyday life and she needs your help to navigate it safely.