Our Process

Therapy is a unique experience and there are a variety of methods used to help people work through their problems and find help, healing and life skills to create the life they truly want to live.  At RTG we have developed our own approach to working with girls and have found success in connecting to the core issues that girls are facing and keeping them stuck or held back from really thriving during this stage of life.


Getting Real

Let's face it...

You have no idea where you are going if you don't know where you are. 

During the "Getting Real" stage we assess your life and take inventory of 5 key areas -

  • MENTAL (your thoughts) 
  • SOCIAL (your relationships) 
  • EMOTIONAL (your feelings) 
  • SPIRITUAL (your faith)  
  • PHYSICAL (your body) 

We consider how these are all working together... what is working well and what might need some help or adjustments.  You will work with your therapist to set goals and establish direction.


You are not alone on this journey.  We are here to help.  During the "Connection" stage you develop a relationship with your therapist and if necessary consider joining a group.  Connection with your therapist is critical to growth and moving towards your goals.  A group can help facilitate deeper growth depending on your needs.



Own It

In this stage we take all the information we have gathered and create a customized plan just for you.  You will learn the skills and tools to help you reach your goals. It's time to own it and learn how you can make the changes you need to live your best life.

Just Do It

This is where we do the work together... you are not alone.  We will guide, support, encourage and help you do what it takes to take action and move forward.  This process is unique to everyone and our experts will help facilitate this journey.  Life is worth living and we will help you create a life truly worth living.