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moms of teen girls

Moms of teen girls is group support and help with the best ways to communicate with your daughter during the teen years. Led by Katie McNichol M.S. who has over 11 years of working with teen girls and mental health, she helps moms with what are the most effective and ineffective ways to encourage and help your daughter, especially during distress. Groups are short-term and education focused, repeating each month. Katie teaches specific communication tools to help you better understand your daughter’s mindset, challenges, pressures and emotional development during the teen years. This short-term group is excellent for all moms regardless if your daughter is a client. The fee is $150 for 3 sessions (90 min.). The group is the same each month. For more information on availability…

Individual teen counseling/coaching - in person & virtual

Our affiliates are trained to work individually with clients to support and teach skills that help girls create a life worth living. Whether it is a difficult life transition such as a move, grief, loss, academic problems, moving to the next grade level, school change, friendship break-ups, romantic break-ups, divorce or a mental health concern such as stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders, anger, perfectionism, procrastination, motivation or over-achieving we are here to help! We meet with clients in person and online through Zoom technology. This allows our therapists to assist and support with more flexibility. Virtual sessions are especially helpful during college, allowing your daughter to have access to excellent help while she is away.

The best way to connect is to check out our affiliate section and see which therapist might be a good fit for you and your family. Each therapist offers their own uniques skill set and level of experience when it comes to working with girls. You may check with them directly for availability.


Group can be a scary thought for girls yet we have seen it be one of the most life-changing experiences once they get over the initial fears. Our groups are open year round with a variety of ages. Led by professionals who are experts in group therapy, girls learn skills to cope with a variety of stresses such as social anxiety and academic pressure. Anxiety and depression are also addressed in group. Groups are therapeutic and use a variety of techniques including CBT, DBT, art, music and other creative expression. Groups meet weekly. Sessions may be reimbursed through out-of-network benefits based on your insurance benefits.

Our RTG affiliates offer their own unique group experiences. As you look at their profiles you will learn more about the group services they offer.