Counselor affiliates

At RTG we seek to partner with the best therapists who specialize and have a passion for teen girls and young women. We collaborate in a unique way, working as a team to help girls in our community. Every counselor affiliate with RTG has their own counseling style and ability to connect to teen girls. We have many excellent therapists in our network ready to help you and your family. Take a look at their profiles to see who may be the best fit…



Katie is the director of Raising Teen Girls and has created a support center for teen girls and their families. Katie works with a variety of girls but has expertise in helping girls struggling with perfectionism and the over-achiever. She has a passion for helping girls who struggle with eating disorders, body-image and girls who have emotional sensitivity. Sometimes we can "feel too much" and that can be really hard in the teen years. She teaches girls how to manage their emotions and improve their relationship. Katie is in Lakeland, Tampa & Virtual.



Anastasia has a passion to help the student athlete through a variety of challenges and is also a specialist in dealing with issues related to adoption.  She helps girls work through identity and build confidence in who they are. Teaching the value of time management and ways to improve relationships is a strength.  Anastasia is in Lakeland and Virtual.



Linsdey has a love of fashion and all things related to building up teen girls and young women.  As a graduate student, she is focused on the mental health and wellness of teen girls. Group work is a passion for her and helping girls know they are loved, enough and created to do big things!  Lindsey is in Tampa & Lakeland.



Sheena has counseled teen girls over the last 10 years.  She is a specialist in tween issues and sees girls 10+ who are dealing with a variety of life issues including anxiety, OCD, social problems, school pressures, depression, etc...  Sheena also leads several of our groups for teen girls working on social skills, communication and empathy. Sheena is in Lakeland & Virtual.


ashley hebert m.s.;rmft

Ashley believes that healing begins when a person is heard, so she intentionally steps into the world of teens and young women to help them feel understood and supported.  Although she works with girls on a wide range of issues, she specializes in helping girls who are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression and perfectionism. She is actively in her girls’ corners, meeting them where they’re at, equipping them with tools to help them live a more fulfilling life, and encouraging them to become the best version of themselves possible. Ashley is in Lakeland & Virtual.


keniah rivera, intern

Keniah is a Master’s level student at Southeastern University and pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a huge help at RTG and supports our groups, school visits, social media and running some of the day to day activity. She has a heart for teen girls and their families, hoping to work in family therapy in the future. Keniah was a student athlete and understands the difficulty and pressure that often comes with being a student athlete.



Kimber has worked in youth ministry for years and is finishing up her Masters in clinical mental health.  She works with girls who are struggling with a variety of issues but has a passion for helping mothers and daughters work on communication and build a stronger relationship. Kimber is in Lakeland.


Andrea Hartman m.s.; lcsw

Andrea has a passion for preteens, teens and young women and brings over 6 years of clinical experience helping famlies. She has extensive knowledge in trauma and adoption as well as depression. She works with girls of all ages helping them through life’s difficult transitions. Andrea does virtual and group counseling as well. Her office is located in North Tampa (Northdale area).