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Professional counseling and coaching for middle school, high school and college girls

Strength and growth come only through
continuous effort and struggle
— napoleon hill

Our team understands, cares and helps girls through some of the most challenging times in life…


The RTG team is passionate about empowering teen girls through some of the most challenging years. We know youth culture. Our team of professional counselors truly enjoy working with teen girls and have spent their careers dedicated to the unique needs of middle school, high school & college girls.


our mission

Girls with dreams becoming women of vision




Support during the teen years is vital to a healthy relationship with your daughter. RTG offers monthly mom groups that provide valuable communication tools to help build a strong relationship and connection with her. The short-term group/class is recommended to any mom of a teen girl regardless if your daughter is a client. The information taught by our experts provides you with immediate tools to better understand what is going on in her mind and with her emotions.

the pink script


the pink script podcast for young women

the Pink Script is a monthly podcast that encourages young women through the power of story. The team interviews women who have walked through many of the challenges our client’s face with stories of hope, perserverence and connection, equipping listeners with practical tools in dealing with a variety of mental health issues.